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Home Hypnosis Party

Learn the “facts about hypnosis” in the privacy of your own home, job, business, community center or organization. There are many misconceptions and lots of misinformation regarding hypnosis. Much of this inaccurate information is based on "Stage Hypnosis" acts. However, there exists an entire field of valid health and wellness practice in hypnotherapy. This is an opportunity to get the facts, dispel inaccurate information and find out just how valuable hypnotherapy really can be.

We will come to your location or establishment and teach your group about a specific health topic and hypnotherapy. We will impart important factual information about that health topic and how hypnosis can help. Then conduct an actual hypnosis session for you and your guests.

All that you have to do is invite the guests. We will do the rest. It couldn’t be easier to get the "Facts about Hypnosis" and experience it for yourself!

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If you have a special topic that you would like to have presented in your home, at your office, in your community center or business, call us to discuss your choice.

The Host/Hostess receives a $50 Discount Coupon for booking the party.  Each of your Guests will receive a 10% Discount Coupon. All coupons are redeemable for private services with our board-certified hypnotherapist.
Listed below are a few of the subject specific topics that we can bring to your group. There are many more topics that can be covered.  For your specific topic, just contact us and allow us to prepare a custom presentation just for you!

Weight Loss Management & Hypnosis

Proven weight loss methods don’t fail, people fail!  That’s the plain and simple truth!

Weight loss and weight management is a very simple operation.  Anyone can lose weight and keep it managed properly by doing three things: get adequate (1) rest, (2) exercise and (3) proper nutrition.  That’s it in a nutshell!

If this is so simple, then why do people fail?  Because it’s simple, not easy to do!

People don’t lose weight because they don’t follow prescribed methods of lifestyle changes to obtain proper weight management.  They don’t follow these methods for many reasons but mainly because they have not made up their mind to do it!  A lot of the time, they suffer from self-sabotaging behavioral patterns.  Their mouth says one thing and their mind says something different at the moment of truth.

Hypnosis can change that!  It helps you change the behavioral patterns that often cause failure in your endeavors.

Learn how great lifestyle changes and success can be obtained through hypnosis.

Become the new lean, energetic, healthy person that you want to be.

Smoking Cessation & Hypnosis

Smoking cessation is a very tough challenge!  Some people can go "cold turkey," others use medical devices and still others use the "taper-off over time" method.

No matter what method is used, you must fight with an addiction to nicotine (a toxic alkaloid in tobacco leaves).  That is quite a challenge for anyone and many people attempt to quit several times before successfully stopping permanently.

Successful smoking cessation requires at least three (3) steps: (1) adequate time for the mind to re-sensitize the brain to normal functioning; (2) adequate time for the subconscious mind to encounter and recondition nicotine feeding cues that are capable of triggering anxiety episodes that lead to smoking; and (3) adequate time for the conscious mind to allow defensive dependency rationalizations to fade into the distant memory.

Hypnosis can help make these changes!  It helps at the very level of your mind that is being affected by the nicotine that often causes failure in your endeavors.

Learn how to "kick the habit" and take a "fresh breath of air" on your way to a new healthier and happier you.

Pain Management & Hypnosis

Pain can be a life altering experience!  When under control, pain can be managed adequately to not interfere with the regular activities of daily life, but when unmanageable, life’s smallest tasks become insurmountable.

All pain originates in the brain as an interpretation to a stimulus.  If the finger is hit with a hammer, it sends a message to the brain center as an interpretation of an unpleasant experience and the body acts accordingly.  Different people have different reactions to that stimulus.  Some people may merely flinch while others will cry out in agony.  This is a very elementary and simple explanation of pain.

A person’s response to pain stimulators varies in degrees and is identified as a “pain threshold.”  Some thresholds are low and pain is less likely to be managed well while others are high and managed better.

Hypnosis can change your threshold from lower to higher and more manageable levels!  It helps you change your behavioral patterns in response to pain stimuli.

Learn how great life can be through successful pain management and hypnosis.

Stress/Anxiety & Hypnosis

Normal levels of stress are a regular part of life.  Stress helps us stand up against gravity, defend or protect ourselves in time of danger or provides us with excitement when happy.

However, when stress levels are out of control, we have quite a different reaction.  It can ruin your day!  Unbridled stress can lead to distress, anxiety, disease, disorders and/or death.

There are basically only three options to manage stress:

            1.  Remove the thing that is stressing you;
            2.  Remove yourself from the thing that is stressing;
            3.  Change your response to the thing that is stressing you.

The third option is the most applicable option at all times where the other options may not always be practical for you.

Even if you select this option, you may not be able to effectively put this into action when you need it.

Hypnosis can help you change your response to the thing or things that cause you unmanageable stress. Learn how great life can be through stress and anxiety management with hypnosis.

Fears/Phobias & Hypnosis

Almost everyone has an irrational fear or two about something in life like mice, snakes, or hypodermic needles.  However, for some people, severe fear causes tremendous anxiety and interferes with normal daily life.  When fears are irrational and disabling, they are called phobias.

Phobias are intense fears that in reality pose no real threat or danger.  Even if you realize that the fear is unreasonable, you can’t control your feelings.  Even thinking about it may cause anxiety.

There are four categories of phobias: (1) animal phobias i.e. spiders; (2) natural environment phobias i.e. heights; (3) situational phobias i.e. enclosed spaces and; (4) blood injection injury phobias i.e. medical procedures.

Phobias can cause you to go to great lengths to avoid them by inconveniencing your life or totally changing your lifestyle.

Hypnosis can change those irrational behavioral responses to phobic scenarios by lessening the intensity of your fears until you regain control over the phobia.

Learn how great life can be through successful fear/phobia management and hypnosis.


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