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During an initial visit with our hypnotherapist, you will be accurately informed about hypnosis and discuss any questions that you may have.  You should be aware that all sessions are held in the strictest confidence and this information may not be released to anyone without your expressed permission and knowledge.

Before coming in for your first appointment, please click here or go to the tab on the left of this page to download, print out and complete the "Initial Intake Form." Then be sure to bring it with you when you get your initial appointment scheduled.

You will be asked to talk about your goals and concerns before the actual hypnosis session begins.  Perhaps you are thinking about lifestyle changes that would improve your eating habits, lose weight or start an exercise program that will help you manage your diabetes.  If you have problems with stress, you may choose to work on decreasing it through hypnosis.  Whatever your concerns are, they will be discussed prior to the session and an approach will be determined with your consent.  You will also be informed of the number of sessions and cost that are expected to acquire the results that you seek.

The hypnotherapist will make some initial assessments as to which techniques and/or approaches will best suit your needs. If you are having "Parts Therapy" (one of our specialties and an extremely helpful and effective technique), this process will be discussed also, otherwise the "Script" that will be used will be discussed with you. Then your session will begin.

You can expect to be in session for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours for the initial session.  Thereafter, sessions should run about 45 minutes to an hour.

The session may seem to go by quickly and you will end it feeling relaxed and de-stressed.  You may have been instructed (while under hypnosis) how to use self-hypnosis after the session to continue the effects of your session.  You can also expect to receive an audio recorded segment of the session for continued use at home.  Your next appointment (if indicated) will be scheduled.

We hold ourselves to a high professional standard.  Our clients’ health and welfare are our primary goal.